Major Completed Projects & Services

Contract # SAT 163 – Repair & Overhauling of Pumps

Client:                   Saudi Arabian Texaco Inc. – Kuwait
Contract Value:   KWD.87,860.000 (SAR. 1,090,757.00)
Scope of Work:   Provision of Rotating Equipment Engineer/Service Engineer from the Pump Mfr. to carry out Tests such as Vibration Analysis, Condition Monitoring etc. at Client facilities in Mina Saud, Kuwait. In addition Regular Repair works & Overhauling of Pumps, Gears and Refurbishment of Mechanical Seals etc.



Re-tubing and Repair of High Pressure Feed Water Heater #1 for Units (1 & 3)

Client:                   SWCC Shoaiba
Contract Value:    SAR.900,000/- (Approx.)
Scope of Work:   Transportation, Handling, Material, Tools, Equipment, Manpower and Consumable items to Re-tube completely & repair 2 HP Feed water heaters


Supply of Lump sum Turnkey (LSTK) Chlorination Plant & System

Client:                   Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu Royal Commission for Jubail & Yanbu
Contract Value:   SAR. 41 Million
Scope of Work:    Supply of Lump sum Turnkey Chlorination Plant & System of capacity 1700 kg/hr by M/s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries(MHI).

Replacement Work for Combustion Air Duct Non-Metallic Expansion Joint

Client:                   Saline Water Conversion Corporation Al – Shuqaiq Desalination and Power Plant
Contract Value:   SAR 589,636.00 (Phase 1) SAR. 414,141.00 (Phase 2)
Scope of Work:    Supply of Non-Metallic Expansion Joints, qualified manpower, supervision and installations of sizes (in MM) 7795 x 3005, 7795 x 3100, 3600 x 3750, 2100 x 2100, 3600 x 2500, 3600 x 2150 etc.

Supply of Electrical Accessories

Client:                    Saudi Electricity Co. (SEC)
Contract Value:    SAR. 40 Million
Scope of Work:    Supply of Electrical Accessories such as Circuit Breakers, Switch Gear, Surge Arrester, MCB, CB,
Relays, LV & HV Fuses FAMEX, Germany.

SEC Mecca for Alstom (Frame 5) SEC Riyadh for Alstom (Frame 5)

Client:                    SEC & ARAMCO East & West Pipe Lines
Contract Value:    SAR. 8 Million
Scope of Work:    Retrofitting of Inlet Air System and Supply of various Filter Elements such as Cylindrical, Conical and Barrier type by M/s Camfil Farr, Sweden

Direct Reduction Iron Co. Ltd

Client:                    National Steel Company, Dammam 2nd Industrial City (Al-Tuwairqi Group of Companies)
Contract Value:    SAR. 500,000.00
Scope of Work:    Supply & Installation of various Non Metallic Expansion Joints by M/s Keld Ellentoft (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Casing Gas Processing Skid for Steam Flood Project (Complete Skid)

Client:                    Joint Operations – Kuwait
Contract Value:    KWD 115,954.00 (SAR. 1,439,536.42)
Scope of Work:    Supply of Casing Gas Processing Skid supplied by PETREX INC., U.S.A

Medical Waste Incineration System

Client:                    King Khaled Military Medical City (MODA), Hafer Al-Baten
Contract Value:    SAR. 0.5 Million
Scope of Work:    Supply & Installation of Medical Waste Incineration System by M/s Facultative Technologies U.KLtd.(formerly Evans Universal UK)

Operation of Power Generation and all other type of electrical equipment / Gas Turbine

Client:                    SCECO Eastern Province
Contract Value:    SAR. 6 Million
Scope of Work:    Supply of Technical Advisory Services by Al-Khodari-Babcock

Rotating Equipment Maintenance (Qurrayah Power Plant)

Client:                    Saudi Electricity Co. (SEC)
Contract Value:    SAR. 10 Million
Scope of Work:    Rotating Equipment such as Sea Water Intake Pumps, Electrical Motors, and Compressors etc. Maintenance & Service Contract by Al-Khodari-Babcock

Supply of Manpower (various categories)

Client:                    SABIC/SWCC/SEC& ARAMCO
Contract Value:    SAR. 1,161, 831.00
Scope of Work:    Supply of Millwright Technicians, Electrical Technicians, Instrumentation Technicians, Welders, Fabricators, Riggers, Scaffolders, skilled and unskilled labors etc. by AlKhodari-Babcock

Technical Manpower Services (30522055/00)

Client:                    SCECO QPP /Ghazlan
Contract Value:    SAR. 16,402,400.00 Million (5 years) 
Scope of Work:    Supply of Technical Manpower Service by Al-Khodari-Babcock

Rehabilitation of Lime Plant and Dosing System, Yanbu

Client:                    Power & Water Utility Company For Jubail & Yanbu (MARAFIQ)
Contract Value:    SAR.8,861,400.00
Scope of Work:    Engineering, Design, Procurement, Fabrication, Along with Installation, Testing & Commissioning of lime dosing system. 

Supply & installation of START UP VENT SILENCER and modification of existing structure

Client:                    Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Jubail
Contract Value:    SAR.278,108.00 
Scope of Work:    Supply & installation of new silencer at the SWCC Jubail Phase-1 and carried out all necessary modification works

Supply of Electrical Generators

Client:                    UM AL QUARRA UNIVERSITY
Contract Value:    SAR. 8.5 Million
Scope of Work:    Design, manufacturing, supply, Installation Testing & commissioning of Electrical generators.

Upgrading Activities at Pumping Station &Water Transmission System

Client:                    SWCC – Saline Water Conversion Corporation – Jubail
Contract Value:    SAR 995,000.00
Scope of Work:    Upgrading of 13.8 kV switchgears and involved in replacement of existing Protection Relay Systems which includes Engineering, Procurement and Installation Testing of all relevant Protection Relays..

Replacement/Upgradation Of Chlorine Gas (Cl2) Dosing Equipment Yanbu-Medina Pipeline Phase 2 — TD # Y/P/I/0041

Client:                    SWCC – Saline Water Conversion Corporation – Jubail
Contract Value:    SAR 2,929,484.00
Scope of Work:    Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of ClO2 Dosing System